I was born in Cleveland, Oklahoma, and moved to Bristow when I was in the seventh grade. Ever since I was just a little boy I've enjoyed singing. I remember when a friend of mine put on a record of the gospel group, "The Blackwood Brothers." I knew in my heart that I wanted to sing just like them. After my school days, I went on to Bethany College and eventually started a singing group, touring and singing in youth revivals during the summer. Then an important call came from Earl Weatherford of the Weatherford Quartet. He was looking for a new lead singer and hoped that I would be interested, which I was. I took the job and sang with the Weatherfords until being drafted into the Army.

Following the Army, I found myself back in Tulsa where I began to work as a disc jockey at KFMJ radio station. As an announcer, I used to dream of one day owning my own station. I told the engineer there about my dream. He said it would be "impossible" due to the lack of radio frequencies in Tulsa. I would later learn to check things out for myself, but for then I gave up on my dream...until many years later.

In the meantime, I turned my attention to singing once again, this time as a country music artist. After some unsuccessful attempts at recording popular country tunes, written and recorded by others, I began to write my own country songs which landed me on the prestigious Capitol Records label. But even that didn't give me the success that I so much desired.

I eventually realized that God had different plans for my singing and writing career, His plans. I already knew that the Bible said, "I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health." Yet I didn't feel I was prospering like I should; something had to be wrong. I began to study the Bible like I never had before. I knew that God had a plan for my life and if I was going to find out what it was, I was going to have to search His Word for direction. That direction was finally revealed as I began to write about a new kind of love. Words and tunes began to flow from my pen by the inspiration of God -- songs like "There's a Whole Lot of People Going Home," "Garment of Praise," and "Oasis of Love." Eventually, I was asked to sing these songs at a Kenneth Hagin Campmeeting, which opened many other doors and opportunities. I began to travel and sing all around the world and have had my songs recorded by such popular names as Governor Jimmie Davis, Richard Roberts, Kenneth Copeland, a former Miss America, and many others.

When doors began to open, one of those was the opportunity to acquire a new frequency for an FM radio station in Tulsa, a former "impossibility." In 1986, we signed-on KNYD radio, heard at 90.5fm in Tulsa, and then a few years later came others. These full-power stations, together with our translator sites across the United States make up what we call "The Oasis Network."

Along with the blessings of a radio network, I am also the Pastor of Walnut Grove Church in Broken Arrow. I have a loving and devoted wife named Sharon and three grown children, David Warren, Julia and Shelly.

I can only go by my own experiences, but I can tell you that the Word of God works. It is the key to our success in life. Sometimes people spend their whole lives trying to find out what their true purpose is for living, an impossible task without God. Learn to seek Him and His direction and you, too, will have a new song to sing!



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